Bottomley Distillers, a Next Frontier Brands portfolio company, is delighted to announce that they have now completely eliminated plastic from their packaging and switched to a 100% recyclable, adaptable eco-packaging kit provided by Flexi-Hex.

The producers of the award-winning Pin Gin are also proud recipients of Lincolnshire’s Technology and Innovation Awards – achieving the award last year for Innovation in Sustainability for their sustainable distilling processes and mindfulness of the environmental impact of their business.

Now taking the next step in their sustainable practices, Bottomley has removed 100% of plastic from their packaging whilst still providing a fully reliable shipping solution.

“Carbon Neutrality is at the core of Next Frontier Brands’ business practices,” said Roiby Gonzalez, Chief Marketing Officer for Next Frontier Brands. “We’re thrilled that Bottomley is implementing environmentally sustainable business practices in their packaging.”

Amy Conyard, UK Director of Distillery Operations said “Even as a small business, we have always been conscious to make changes where we are able, that have a positive effect on our environment. This next step for us is one that we’re particularly proud of and brings us closer on our journey to being carbon-neutral.”

Earlier this year, Bottomley Distillers merged with beverage and hemp-based wellness company Next Frontier Brands, whose mission is to “serve the growing global demand for innovative beverage, wellness and lifestyle brands”. The merger will see Bottomley move from their current space- a small distillery in Lincolnshire, UK- to one more than ten times the size to keep up with increased demand and production rates.

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