Next Frontier Brands and Andretti United Extreme E are debuting a Principal Partnership for the inaugural Desert X Prix, April 2 – 4 in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. Next Frontier Brands is proud to support the launch and growth of Andretti United Extreme E, whose sporting platform promotes electrification, environmental conservation and gender equality.    

Our partnership with Andretti United is an effective and exciting way to demonstrate our eco-friendly values through a new form of motorsport. We are proud to support Andretti United’s work to take fans deep into the heart of the most pressing issues facing our planet’s future.   

Andretti United Extreme E is one of only nine teams who will complete in the brand-new Extreme E electric racing series across five global environments affected by climate change. 

With support from social platforms like TikTok and global race media coverage, Extreme E is widely sharing an ethos of sustainability, a message which is also at the core of Next Frontier Brands’ global business.  Sustainability is shaping our global mission to serve the world’s growing demand for innovative beverage, wellness and lifestyle brands.     

A Next Frontier Brand, FLUÈRE, will be featured on livery for Andretti United’s fully-electric SUV, the ODYSSEY 21. Find out where to watch Andretti United Extreme E’s driver duo Catie Munnings and Timmy Hansen HERE.   

You can also support the Andretti United team by participating in Extreme E’s GridPlay, where you can vote for drivers to influence the outcome of the race.  The team with the most votes gets to hand pick its spot on the starting line for the final race. Please vote online for the Andretti United drivers Catie Munnings and Timmy Hansen at or on Twitter using the hashtags #GridPlay #DriverName.

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