BOULDER, Colo. — July 22, 2021 — Next Frontier Brands, an international consumer packaged goods company with a focus on beverage and wellness products, today announced its acquisition of Snow Leopard Vodka from Edrington, the makers of ultra-premium global spirits.  


This acquisition broadens Next Frontier Brands’ platform of premium spirits by adding a high quality brand that is socially conscious.  Established in 2006, Snow Leopard Vodka is a uniquely luxurious spelt grain vodka that is crafted in Poland and distilled six times using natural spring water and filtered twice through charcoal to ensure purity and quality. Graded “exceptional” by experts at the Beverage Tasting Institute, it has also received high honors from and the Ultimate Spirit Challenge. 


Snow Leopard Vodka is perfectly positioned to address evolving consumer preferences for premium, purpose-driven brands.  The worldwide vodka market is expected to reach $56.4 billion by 2027, with growth being driven by the premium segment, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.3% from 2020 to 2027 

Acquisition of Snow Leopard Vodka adds a socially-conscious premium spirit to Next Frontier Brands’ beverage portfolio.   

Snow Leopard Vodka also has an unwavering commitment to both quality and conservation for socially conscious consumers who expect brands to give back to society.  Snow Leopard Vodka is dedicated to snow leopard conservation and has contributed more than $500,000 to the Snow Leopard Trust to date. 


Snow Leopard has gained exceptional traction in focus markets like South Korea and the USA and is well positioned to increase its global market share in other premium vodka markets,” says Joe Magnacca, President and Chief Executive Officer for Next Frontier Brands. “We will continue to build brand equity and strategically scale globally.”  


About Next Frontier Brands 

Next Frontier Brands is an international consumer packaged goods company with a focus on beverage and wellness products. Next Frontier Brands currently owns 10 beverage and wellness brands, with six additional brand acquisitions pending. Our beverage brands include products in the distilled alcoholic spirits, distilled non-alcoholic spirits, wine, coffee and superfood categories. Our wellness brands include products in the topical and sublingual categories. We are headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with additional offices in London, England; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and Auckland, New Zealand.