For our new Team Spotlight series, we sat down with Marilynn Martin, Next Frontier Brands’ Chief Integration and Business Development Officer to learn more about her experience and role at Next Frontier Brands.

Tell us a little more about your background and how you got into CPG?

I was recruited on my college campus by Smithkline Beecham and ever since I have been in the CPG space which provided me classically trained cross functional roles within sales, marketing, trade marketing, planning and business development. with Top CPG Fortune 100 companies. I was a Senior Partner during my 19-year tenure at the Emerson Group where I was able to launch successful startup companies like Zone Perfect and Liquid IV while driving strategy for top CPG Fortune 100 companies. Prior to Next Frontier Brands, I was the CEO of Truth Bar, the first Prebiotic + Probiotic Functional Nutritional Bar in the Category.

What are the responsibilities of your role as Chief Integration and Brand Development Officer?

I lead due diligence projects when looking at new brands to acquire as well as business planning for integrating and scaling new brands. This includes assisting Senior Leadership on the acquisition process, including identifying market opportunities, revenue modeling, risk analysis, business planning, contract negotiation and closing direction. Once the due diligence process is done, I lead cross-functional teams to ensure that the brand is set up for success.

What advice would you have for brands looking to merge and/or be acquired?

Have a strong sense of purpose and strategic long-term plans for your business, identify the reasons why you want your company to merge or be acquired and what you are looking for in this new relationship that will help build upon the vision and brand equity you created. Be sure to have innovation plans for your business that will support growth and differentiation.

How do you recharge? What are some of your major passions?

Getting enough sleep is important when you have 3 teenagers at home! I have always loved to hike or run with my dogs, when time isn’t on my side, I ride the Peloton. My kids are in a lot of high school sports and that keeps me busy on the weekends.

How do you define success now for yourself and moving into the future?

Success for me is accomplishing goals both personally and professionally. I need to be learning and growing in every facet of life. I am driven and passionate about what I believe in and this guides me in all I do. Building a strong team and achieving success together is a great feeling of accomplishment.

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