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We Are a Leading Consumer Packaged Goods Company Focused on Beverages and Wellness

The company has an innovative and influential portfolio of brands that connects with consumers, evolves with their preferences, and delivers consistently superior experiences. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and offices in London, Portland, Hong Kong and Auckland, Next Frontier Brands is building the global platform to serve the growing demand for innovative beverages, wellness and lifestyle brands.

Beverage Brands

The global beverage market size is valued at $1.6 trillion U.S. and projected to grow to $1.8 trillion U.S. dollars by 2023. A diverse portfolio of beverage brands puts Next Frontier Brands in pole position for continued growth. Click on the brands logo to learn more.


Our Kona Blend utilizes certified grown Hawaiian and 100% Arabica coffee beans, creating true traceability. We partner with local Hawaiian coffee farms that adhere to the strictest sustainability practices. Every batch is meticulously roasted in our state of the art roasting facility for freshness; giving you a smooth, delicious and functional dose of caffeine from the Best Coffee on Earth.™

Snow Leopard Vodka

Established in 2006, Snow Leopard Vodka has an unwavering commitment to both quality and conservation. Snow Leopard Vodka is a uniquely luxurious spelt grain vodka that is crafted in Poland and distilled six times using natural spring water and filtered twice through charcoal to ensure purity and quality. It is dedicated to snow leopard conservation through its ongoing support of the Snow Leopard Trust.


Sketched from a journey around the world and colored with the broad strokes of adventure, the MUHU brand draws inspiration from travel by offering consumers CBD infused flavors not found on store shelves. Pour your own adventure with MUHU.

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Bottomley Distillers

Set in a quaint Lincolnshire market town of Louth in the United Kingdom, Bottomley Distillers’ heritage dates back to the 1950’s. Today, the nationally recognized distillery produces award winning spirits and high-end private label projects.

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FLUÈRE is a ‘spirito non alcolico’. A piece of art made with the same distilling techniques used for spirits with alcohol like gin, mezcal and rum. FLUÈRE products are made with the best ingredients and botanicals that provide a complex yet balanced taste and ensure a unique after-bite that normally only alcoholic drinks have. FLUÈRE enables you to make luxurious drinks without  compromise.

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Wellness Brands

The wellness industry represents 5.3% of global economic output. Hemp is the rapid-growing newcomer of Wellness and the foundation of Next Frontier Brands’ brand family. Click on the brands logo to learn more.

Verra Wellness

Verra Wellness leverages science and research to develop the highest quality premium CBD products on the market. Micromist and Topicals product ranges utilize our proprietary formulations and delivery technologies.

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